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Welcome to the
JUVÉDERM® Visualizer.
This revolutionary virtual makeover tool will help you visualize the effect of JUVÉDERM® facial filler and a wrinkle smoothing injectable for a facial rejuvenation using Before & After pictures. To begin follow the 4 easy steps below. Steps Step 1: Upload your photo or choose a photo from the library. Step 2: Choose the treatment you desire and drag the slider to the right. You may choose as many treatments as you wish. Step 3: Review your Before & After pictures. Step 4: Send your Before & After pictures to yourself or share them with friends.

Try a virtual makeover with the new JUVÉDERM® Virtual Mirror app.
It's easy:
•  Use the virtual mirror to see different treatment effects in real time as if you were looking in the mirror
•  Create a 3D image of your face that can be rotated and viewed from all angles
•  Apply and adjust over 10 JUVÉDERM® treatment effects*
•  Great for capturing cheek volumization from the side view
•  View or share your virtual Before and After pictures with friends
If you would like to access the app in French, change your language preference to French in your device settings.
*App is intended for illustrative purposes only.
Actual treatment results may vary.